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Play Rooms for Grown-ups

A unique service for those in need of a private play-space tailored specifically to their lifestyle & imagination. We deliver with the highest professional standards, you'd expect in custom residential design. Night Club and Art Installations also a specialty.

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Den of Iniquity

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Founded in New York in 1994, it is the only club of it's kind founded on the principles of Female Supremacy. Female owned and operated since it's inception, Female Supremacy is in Our DNA
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Mistress Tara's Finishing School: Teaching Women the Art of Female Domination since 1993

Interested in learning how to be a Dominatrix? Learn from real, practicing Dominatrices. We offer classes and one on one training at a real dungeon, The Den of Iniquity. Ladies, take control of your life in a totally new way!

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Tara Indiana has been a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix for over 25 years. In the course of that time She's dominated over 10,000 men, taught more then 1000 dominatrixes and starred in over 200 Films. She is the founder of The Den of Iniquity. Read more >


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